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Welcome to the MIIS Resource Center

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) Immunization Program is committed to promoting the health of Massachusetts' citizens by reducing the burden of vaccine preventable diseases that affect residents of the Commonwealth. As part of this effort, the MDPH Immunization Program has launched the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS), a web-based immunization registry and vaccine management system. The MIIS is in the process of being rolled-out to healthcare providers statewide, and once fully implemented, will be the official source of immunization information for Massachusetts. The goal of the MIIS is to consolidate patient immunization information to create secure, accurate and easily accessible immunization records to health care providers across the Commonwealth, who can then share them with patients and families. The MIIS also helps ensure vaccines administered in Massachusetts are based on the latest immunization recommendations.

The ContactMIIS Resource Center is a platform designed to share the most current information, materials and resources related to the roll-out of the MIIS with healthcare providers, families and individuals.

The MIIS is designed to serve the needs of electronic health record (EHR) users through electronic data exchange and can also support the needs of non-EHR users through direct data entry. Please see the MIIS Provider Flyer (PDF) | (RTF) for an overview of MIIS features and more information about utilizing the MIIS.

MIIS Regulations and Compliance Schedule NEW!
The Regulations (PDF) governing the MIIS have been approved by the Massachusetts Public Health Council and were effective as of January 2, 2015. Section 222.400 of the regulations states that all health care providers licensed in the Commonwealth who administer immunizations in Massachusetts to any person, whether or not that person is a resident of the Commonwealth, shall be in compliance with the regulations according to a schedule determined and distributed by the Department. The MDPH Immunization Program's goal is to have all mandated users enrolled and using the system as follows:

09/01/2015 Providers who do not use electronic health record systems and will enter data directly into the web interface.
12/01/2015 Providers who administer more than 1,000 doses of vaccine per year that use electronic health record technology and will report immunization information through electronic data exchange.
06/01/2016 Providers who administer fewer than 1,000 doses of vaccine per year that use electronic health record technology and will report immunizations through electronic data exchange.

For more information about the schedule, please review the MIIS Compliance Schedule (PDF).

By law (M.G.L. Chapter 111, Section 24M), the MIIS must be discussed by providers with each of their patients before immunization data is first entered or transmitted to the system. This should be done at the first immunization encounter after the MIIS has been integrated into the practice. For information on informing patients, please visit the Materials.

Live MIIS Sites
Please see the list of Live MIIS Sites (PDF). that are actively reporting data to the MIIS. This list will be updated regularly as more sites and vendors come on board with the system.

MIIS and Birth Hospitals
Beginning January 1, 2012, information about immunizations given at birth are automatically sent to the MIIS from the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics (RVRS). Providers and institutions have a legal responsibility to inform parents/guardians about the MIIS. Please review the official notification sent to Birth Hospitals about their duty to inform expecting parents about the MIIS. MIIS Birth Hospital Memo (PDF) | (RTF)

For more information about the MIIS, please visit www.mass.gov/dph/miis.