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 Training Center
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) Immunization Program has developed a variety of training tools and materials to help providers efficiently and effectively gain a comprehensive understanding of the MIIS. Training is essential for all new MIIS users to help them learn how to navigate and use the key functions and features of the system. The MIIS Mini Guides serve as an accessible reminder of the steps necessary for completing specific functions in the MIIS.
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 1. Pre-recorded Webinars: View Training

 2. MIIS Summer Release 2018 - Webinar New!
This recorded webinar walks through the new navigation in the latest MIIS release for Summer 2018.
View Training

 3. Pre-Recorded Webinar- MIIS School Module Updates ~ NEW! This webinar will give an overview of school module. The presenter will demonstrate how to use the new MIIS School Module for completing and submitting your immunization surveys. View Training

 4. School View Training