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      Please select how your site intends to report data:
      Electronic Data Exchange - your site intends to connect via an electronic medical record system.
      Direct Data Entry - your site intends to manually enter immunization data through the web interface.
Onboarding with the MIIS can be broken down into 4 phases:
Below are the high-level steps for onboarding to submit immunization data to the MIIS. Please review our Onboarding Document for more information.

Phase 1: Preparation
  • Registration
  • Data Exchange Profile
  • HL7 Message Pre-testing Validation
  • MIIS Onboarding Invitation
  • Onboarding Kick-off Call
    Phase 2: Technical and Clinical Integration
  • Technical EHR to MIIS Certification Environment Connection
  • Technical Data Review in Certification Environment
  • Clinical MIIS Materials and Clinical Workflow based on MIIS Legislation
  • Clinical Staff Training
  • Clinical Vaccine Manager Education
    Phase 3: Data Review
  • EHR to MIIS Production Environment Connection
  • Data Review in Production Environment
    Phase 4: Go-Live
  • Workflow Implementation
  • Quarterly Data Quality Review
  • On-going User Management